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St. Louis Hail Damage

When hail hits close to home, we come ready to fight back.

Hail damage is a destructive inconvenience that is especially treacherous to your home’s roof, windows, and siding. Hail of any size can cause cracks and tears that are hard to spot, leaving your property vulnerable to larger issues that cost money and effort to repair. SIMMCO can help you prevent hail damage before it happens by helping you choose materials specifically made to defend against severe weather, as well as restore and recover your home in the wake of an emergency. Remember St. Louis hail damage can be extremely damaging.

What Is A Hail Storm?

Some people spell them hail storms and others spell them hailstorms, but it doesn’t matter how you spell the term, the outcome is going to be the same. A hailstorm is defined when a thunderstorm produces hail. Hail is actually a form of solid precipitation that is formed by a giant thunderhead or a thundercloud. This type of cloud is scientifically called the cumulonimbus cloud. We see hail from convection cell up-drafting in the clouds. This is why you see balls or odd shaped pieces of ice or ice chunks. They form in the thunderhead because of the updraft and the sub-freezing temperatures in the thundercloud.

Types Of St. Louis Hail Damage You Can Find

Depending on how severe the hail damage is it can be extremely obvious or very difficult to detect. You also need to consider what was damaged when it comes to the severity. Imagine driving down the interstate and hail comes flying through your windshield and completely dents the rest of your car. This is a great example of you knowing that you have a large amount of hail damage.

You may need an expert to evaluate other types of hail damage. These types of damages include hail damage to your home that will need a trained eye to take a look at, such as:

Roof Damage:

Roof damage from hail seems like the obvious damage as roofs are the most commonly damaged part of your home or business from Hail. Sometimes you cannot even detect hail damage to your roof as it can be hard to detect. The longer this damage goes undetected means it will go unrepaired. When hail damage to your roof goes unrepaired for a long time the more damage will occur. The reason for this is you will see more water leaks which can go into your walls without your knowing.

Skylight Damage:

Skylight damage is almost if not just as common as roof damage. Imagine being in your home and having a golf ball or softball come crashing through your skylight glass. This is a piece of ice falling thousands of feet to the ground. With skylights so susceptible to hail damage sometimes people think just because it didn’t break then it’s out of the woods. But some common damage can be the seal around the skylight or even tiny cracks in the skylight making it weaker.

Window and Siding Damage:

Hail is unpredictable and can fly sideways with the wind. It can also bounce off of the ground and cause damage that way. When things like this happen with hail it can crack your siding or your windows. Hail can even come through your windows or put big holes in your siding.

Why You Need A Hail Damage Professional

When we are talking about hail damage it is often time hard to recognize and more time than not you will need a trained eye to see it for you. A lot of people think that hail damage is obvious and extremely destructive, but you might have cracks in your skylight, holes in your shingles that can lead to leaks and many other things that cannot be seen by the untrained eye. This goes for both residential and commercial properties, which is why we recommend a professional that is experienced in hail damage repair to come and conduct a full hail damage inspection.