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3 Ways Trees Can Damage Your Roof

Trees Can Cause Your Roof Some Serious Issues

Who doesn’t love a beautiful tree in back yard. You can’t picture the ideal midwest home without imagining a big tree in the yard! Trees are great, we all love them, but those lovely trees can cause a lot of damage to your home…especially your roof.

Branches Hanging Over Your Roof

Large branches and limbs that hang over your house can put some large holes in your roof if they ever break off. Things like high winds, the weight of snow or ice or diseased trees can be the cause of falling branches. Obviously, anything falling on your roof is not good for the health of your roof, even small branches, that is why we suggest trimming branches back so you don’t have anything hanging over your roof. Many experts say that having a 10 foot radius around your home that is clear is best. Because dead limbs are more likely to break and fall, homeowners should also keep an eye out for rot or decay in your trees. Having a certified arborist (a fancy word for tree expert) take a look at your trees is never a bad idea.

The Natural Enemy of Your Gutters

Well, maybe not, but your gutters and trees definitely don’t get along. In the fall your gutters fill up with leaves, twigs and needles from your trees. Water backs up in your gutters due to all that debris, under your shingles and into your home. Plus, all the weight from all that junk in your gutters puts unnecessary stress on your roof which could cause it to fail. It is important to regularly clean out your gutters and make sure they are functioning properly. If cleaning gutters really isn’t your thing, just give us a shout – we’ll take care of you.

Another great addition you can make to your roofing/gutter system is gutter guards. These handy little devices will keep all the debris from those lovely trees out of your gutters. We offer many different options of maintenance free options of guards that will keep you off your roof and the water outside of your home.

Falling Trees

Watch out!! Even a small or medium-sized tree can cause some serious problems for your roof if they fall on your home. Make sure you inspect the trees around your home at least once a year. Make sure there are no rotting or dying parts on them. Also inspect the roots and base of your any tree growing near your home. It isn’t fun to have to remove a tree, but it is definitely worth the investment when you consider the fact you are protecting your largest investment – your home!

No matter what issue you think your roof might be having, the only call to make is to the pros at SIMMCO!


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