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Commercial Project: A Makeover 35 Years in the Making

Commercial Project 35 Years in the Making

This summer, our commercial team completed a project for the folks over at ABF Freight. This facility had been untouched for nearly 35 years. The metal roof on this building was leaking and rusted through. The old roof was past the point of repair, it needed to be replaced. However, this commercial project required much more than just a roof. This facility is used as a staging area for freight from all over the country, so to ensure that freight stayed nice and dry we completed a long list of improvements. The signage on the cargo bays was faded and the pillars were showing their age. The entire building was dingy and dark, making it a bit of a hazardous work environment for the drivers and dock workers.

Commercial Project Before

Commercial Project Before

Enter the Rapid Response Commercial Team

Our team was brought in to replace the old roof and to bring the inside of the building up to the high quality that our friends at ABF provide their customers with daily. We started by ripping off the old, rusty roof and replacing it with a brand new insulated metal roof. With advancement in technology, our team was able to replace the old metal roof with a new version of the same material. This new material was custom fabricated in longer runs, which reduces the number of seams. Fewer seams = less potential leaks.

Commercial Project During Photo

Commercial Project During

Check out the difference between the old and new.

Back Up and Running

Not only did we replace the aging roof, we also power washed the inside of this commercial building, repainted and updated the signage making the facility brighter and safer for the employees. Our teams were able to complete this commercial project during off hours, meaning ABF didn’t lose any efficiency during the project and is now working better than ever after the project was completed.

Commercial Project After Photo

Commercial Project After Photo


If you have a commercial project in your future, make sure you give us a call first. Our team of commercial experts can help you make sure that your facility is working for you. We specialize in getting you back to doing what you do best…running your business.

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