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What to Do When Your Home Receives Hail Damage

Don’t Agree To Anything Yet

In the days following a hail storm, so-called “storm chasers” from big roof repair companies swoop into town to conduct free roof inspections and pressure customers into signing a contract with them. Don’t panic if you get hail damage, contact SIMMCO.

Don’t let anyone who shows up at your doorstep pressure you into signing or agreeing to anything. If your roof isn’t leaking, you can afford to take some time to handle things the right way – if you even need to do anything at all!

Get an inspection and estimate from a reputable contractor.

The more subtle damage done by hailstones can cause your roof to deteriorate over time, leading to damaging leaks that catch you by surprise months or even years later.

Even if it looks like you haven’t taken any damage from the storm at a glance, find a licensed, insured, and well-recommended local contractor with the experience to assess the actual damage.

What they discover during their inspection will serve as the basis for your claim, so having someone with a trained eye, who will do your inspection with your best interests in mind, is important to guarantee that you get the information needed to file a thorough and accurate claim.

Submit a claim through your homeowner’s insurance company.

Some companies will allow you to file claims over the phone, but it’s better to do this online so you have a record of all of the information you shared with them.

Before you file your claim, make sure you have gathered all of the details, including the date of the storm, photos of the damage, and all of the information found during the inspection.

Once the insurance company receives your claim, they’ll set up a date for a claims adjuster to visit your home and conduct their own inspection. The report they send back to the insurance company will be used to calculate exactly how much they’ll pay you for repairs to your roof.

Get the check and start your repairs.

After your claim is approved, you’ll get a check in the mail from your homeowner’s insurance company for the amount covered, minus your deductible. This amount, based on the claim you filed (with information from your contractor’s inspection) and the claims adjuster’s own inspection, should be enough to cover all of the repairs.

If you’ve already been working with a dependable local contractor throughout the inspection and claims process, then once you get that check, now’s the time to call them and schedule the repair work. With their help, you’ll have an equally dependable roof over your head again in no time!

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