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Is Your Home Letting in a Draft?

Are You Feeling a Draft in Your Home?

The colder temperatures are here and may be making you aware of some drafty spots in your home? Loosing heat due to a draft in your home is not only irritating it can be expensive. Maintaining a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home during the winter is made much more difficult by a drafty home. We’ve got a few ideas to help you keep your energy costs affordable this winter.

1. Check Your Windows

Old or inefficient windows are often the main culprit of the draft in your home. A good place to start, is with the seals. Check the outside of the window to make sure there now holes or gaps in the caulk or seal strips. Sometimes a tube of caulk can help you fix most of the issues you’ll come across. Unfortunately, sometimes the windows are beyond fixing.  No worries, the pros at SIMMCO can help you find windows that will fit your budget and get them installed to save you the hassle.

2. Are Your Doors Letting in a Draft?

The exterior seals on your doors may be the issue. When these seals get old and crack the first thing they let into your home is the cold air. Make sure your doors are air tight with the candle test. Are you the crafty type? Give this a try.

3. Attic Insulation

Did you know that up to 40% of the heat lost from your home is through the attic? It is all due to a lack of proper insulation. At SIMMCO, we are your insulation experts. We can make sure your attic isn’t the cause of the shivering in your home with a free attic insulation inspection. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection.

4. Is Your Fireplace Letting in the Draft?

One thing people often forget is their fireplace. When not in use, your fireplace damper door should always be closed. When the damper is open, it is letting warm air out and cold air in. If upon inspection, you find your damper broken…we can refer you to a professional to help you get it fixed.

5. Throw a Rug Down

“Really a rug…?” Yep, by putting rug down on your hard floors (tile or wood) you can insulate a room and make it feel much warmer, literally and figuratively:)




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