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Why does your roof leak in the Winter?

Why Does Your Roof Leak in the Winter?

It is a good question. The fact is, more roof leaks pop up in the fall and winter months than you might think. Most people correlate roof leaks with the spring and summer months. After all, spring and summer is when you commonly see roofing crews working. Because it is cold outside doesn’t mean the weak points in your roofing system take a break. The cause for roof leaks in winter certainly do change. Yet, the areas that can leak in the spring and summer are the same areas that can leak in the fall and winter.


Weak Points On Your Roof

There are some pretty common points on roofs that are susceptible to leaks, regardless of the time of year. Winter roof leaks pop up around joints and exposed pipes. Exhaust pipes, chimneys and ventilation systems are common areas for winter roof leaks. It is a good idea to make sure the caulk around these areas are in good shape, and that the pipe boots are still in working condition. If you don’t have any idea of what that last sentence meant, give us a call – we’ll be happy to send a professional. Another point of concern in the winter is where two different materials come together to form a joint. The cold can do funny things to materials causing them to move and crack. We often see areas like this forming issues.


Winter Roof Leak Solutions

It is true that replacing your roof in the winter is not a great idea. Materials can become brittle and fragile in the colder temperatures. That doesn’t mean that a solution has to wait for warmer temperatures. If you are having roof issues in the colder months, feel free to call the pros at SIMMCO. We are always able to help you with any roof leak you might have. Even if the solution is a short-term option to get you through the cold the folks at SIMMCO are here for you!


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