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Put water in its place.

Downspouts Help You Keep Water In its Place

Downspouts are instrumental in diverting rainwater away from your home and returning it to the ground. We properly fit every downspout to work in sync with your selected gutter system, helping you avoid unnecessary cost and repairs and keeping your roof in peak condition. A Downspout is simply a pipe that moves rainwater or any other type of water from your gutters/roof to the ground or the nearest drain. Downspouts are also referred to as Leaderpipe, Drainspout or Downpipe.

You need Downspouts because they plan an important role as an extension that works as an important rain diffusion accessory for your home or business. It creates an extension as an add-on to your gutter system that is designed to allow water to fall to the ground in a controlled manner, then diverts water away from the foundation and structure of your home.

Depending on the placement and the quality of your downspout it will help keep the water away from your home. A good quality downspout is just as important as having a maintained gutter system. You never want an accumulation of water around the base of your house, this will cause damages that are very costly to your patio, basement and the structure of your home.

Clogged Gutters and Clogged Downspouts

On the other hand, if your downspouts or gutters are clogged you can see serious damage to your house which includes landscape erosion, basement flooding, soffit and fascia boards structure damage. The damage you see on the ground from an extension can definitely be seen by a clogged downspout. The reason you see this damage is because the clogged downspout will start to make water run back to your roofline and cause water damage under your roofline to the plywood that is under your roof and soffit.

If you keep your downspouts, gutters and all extensions clean and free of junk and dirt by using gutter guards you will avoid a large headache. You will be able to avoid having to deal with your roof and any foundation or structural damage. The SIMMCO Team knows how to guarantee nothing but water enters your gutters. We also have the expertise of our well-trained staff to make sure this happens every single time.