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Residential Roofing in Wilmington, NC & St. Louis, MO

A solid home depends on a strong roof.

Whether your home has experienced severe damage or simply needs routine maintenance, SIMMCO is your around-the-clock residential roofing expert. Every inspection we do is a no-pressure assessment of risks such as leaks and damaged shingles to help you see what you can’t.

When we install roofs, we install a total protection system designed to breathe, defend, and seal your home from the outside in. Withstand the elements, protect your family, and make your home as energy efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Protect Your Investment With The Best Residential Roofing

Your home is one of the largest investments you typically have.  Are you ensuring that your investment is protected and maintained to avoid unexpected, costly problems? Give us a call to schedule a free inspection to make sure your roof is performing like it should.
Your roof may not be that old or it may be nearing its life expectancy, but like all things, your roof will require maintenance. Damage to your roof could occur in a number of ways that are never seen until it is too late.

Make Your Roof Beautiful

Your roof not only protects the investment of your home but also plays a part in your home’s beauty (inside and outside). The roof is one of the largest additions of color to your home. The right choice in material colors can have a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. If you aren’t sure what color of shingle to go with check out the shingle options below from our friends at Owens Corning.