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Residential Siding St. Louis

Your home’s exterior is more than just curb appeal.

Siding – The 1st Line of Defense

Siding is the first line of defense against the elements. The role of siding includes locking out moisture, making your home comfortable with every changing season, and by keeping heat and air well circulated from within. Just like your roof, when your siding is installed correctly it will keep the wind, rain, snow, and ice at bay. That is why it is so important to choose an expert contractor that will do the job right.

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The Beauty of Your Home

Not only does siding protect your home from North Carolina, Illinois &Missouri storm elements, it does more for the look of your home than almost anything else. It offers a great way to add color and texture to your home. We offer a ton of great aesthetic options for your home. We’ll help you decide on the right material and color to match your preferences, educate you on how our exterior technologies work, and install them to perfection. 

Material Options

As with any construction project, there are a ton of different options for you when it comes to the type of siding to add to your home. We offer a variety of materials that will provide different features depending on your specific need and budget.

  • Wood  – Timeless and maybe the most attractive of home siding options. The downsides are that it requires a lot of maintenance and can be expensive.
  • Metal  – Requires less maintenance than wood and gives a different look than vinyl. It can dent easily and can also be prone to “chalking.”
  • Vinyl  – Easily our most popular option. The color and texture options are almost endless. Vinyl is a low cost, low maintenance option that is relatively easy to repair if damaged.
  • Cement Fiber  – Cement siding is a newcomer to the siding industry. It is a super durable material that is highly energy efficient. The cost can be a bit higher but it is virtually maintenance-free.