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Commercial Roofing Services St. Louis

When you’re busy running a commercial business, the roof over your head is often the last thing on your mind – but it's always the first on ours.

For commercial businesses that demand a lot from their facilities so that they can deliver to their customers, performance is key. No one gets that more than SIMMCO. We work with the best materials and hire the best people to give the local businesses we love a  commercial roof they can be proud of, and an edge in their industry.

Businesses with roofs in disrepair are vulnerable to the recurring costs, expensive downtime, and hazardous work conditions that put a strain on even the most successful operations.

St. Louis Commercial Roofing

Our commercial roofing experts go above and beyond to learn about your business’ unique priorities, whether it’s protection from the elements or fewer overhead costs. We’ll inform you of all your options, and get to work on a fast, flexible installation that happens on your time and within your budget.

In addition to excellent service, your new high-performance roof will also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, so you’ll know that the roof we install will be the first and last roofing investment you’ll ever make.

From warehouses to factories, shopping centers to industrial parks, we’ve not only built roofs – we’ve future-proofed businesses so that they can focus on doing what they do best.

Here Are Some Of The Commercial Services We Offer:

Commercial RoofingGet your commercial roofing done by SIMMCO in St. Louis, MO, commercial roofers st louis

Raise your profile by raising the roof.

A high-quality roof is rugged and flexible, durable and dependable. Over time, it becomes the invisible employee that adds value to your business instead of becoming a painful liability. We know that installing roofs for commercial properties is a big job, but we’ve always been the best ones for it. SIMMCO personally selects high-performance, state of the art materials designed for business needs across the spectrum, as well as a team of roofing experts ready to get the work done so you can get back to doing yours.

Commercial Metal RoofingIf you are looking for a commercial metal roof installed in the St. Louis area contact SIMMCO

Metal can do more than you think.

For commercial businesses building their legacy, metal roofing is the investment of a lifetime – literally. Built to last up to 3x longer than non-metal roofs, our materials and workmanship ensure that you’ll never have to worry about leaks, damage, or aging again. We’ll walk you through all the options for the color, style, and texture that represent your business’ exterior best, and give you a free and fair no-pressure estimate to help you make the choice that pays for itself.

TPOSt. Louis TPO Roofing Installers | SIMMCO

Meet the plastic with a purpose.

Thermoplastic (TPO) roofing materials are heat-welded, lightweight powerhouses that provide commercial businesses with the durability and affordability that they need to thrive. An energy efficient choice that requires less labor to install than other roofing systems, we’ll explain all the benefits of our high quality thermoplastic and how it directly benefits your bottom line.

EPDMYour business might benefit from the EPDM commercial roofing system

This is where the rubber meets the roof.

Synthetic rubber roofing materials offer superior UV protection, while also delivering on waterproof performance for the long haul. Cracks and splits are no match for EPDM, which expands and contracts with the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Let us show you how EPDM can keep your commercial property well-covered year after year.

Modified BitumenCommercial Modified Bitumen might be the commercial roofing system that your company is looking for

Keep water on the move.

Modified bitumen is an asphalt-based roofing system that excels at preventing frustrating damage, leaks, and pooling by continually moving water off your roof. Our roofing specialists are experts at the rapid installation process, which often includes using an adhesive to create a strong, sturdy seal that results in a shingle-less layer of protection from wind and water.

Commercial Roof CoatingsLet SIMMCO take care of your commercial roof coating

A new coat brings your roof back to life.

Ideal for roofs that aren’t quite ready for full restoration but are feeling the effects of advanced aging, our roof coatings create a seamless seal of renewal to protect against standing water, UV rays, and mold. Our silicone and acrylic coating materials are the highest quality available, and extend the life of your roof so it can extend the life of your business.

Rolled RoofingSIMMCO will install a rolled roofing system at your commercial location

Roll out the best for your business.

Rolled roofing is one of the fastest to install, and economically reasonable options for your flat roof. While rolled roofing is not the preferred material for most situations, when it is required we can help. SIMMCO’s team of roofing experts can help you choose the best material and sizing that meets your business’s needs while delivering on time and within budget.

PVCPVC Roofing otherwise known as Polyvinyl Chloride Roofing is a good roof system for your commercial business

The best roofing protection money can buy.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of the most unique roofing materials available, often chosen by industrial businesses that require maximum heat protection and flame resistance. Our PVC roofs are welded into one piece to fit the surface of any business, no matter the size or shape, entirely eliminating the costly maintenance and high risk of joints, shingles, and seams. SIMMCO’s roofing experts know how to install your roof quickly and efficiently, so your business is protected from the inside out.

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