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St. Louis Hail Damage

When hail hits close to home, we come ready to fight back.

Hail damage is a destructive inconvenience that is especially treacherous to your home’s roof, windows, and siding. Hail can cause bruising and dents that are hard to spot, leaving your property vulnerable to larger issues that cost money and effort to repair. SIMMCO can help you identify potential damages and repair them. In the process, we may be able to prevent damage caused by hail before it happens by helping you choose materials specifically made to defend against severe weather.

What Is A Hail Storm?

Some people spell them hail storms and others spell them hailstorms, but it doesn’t matter how you spell the term, the outcome is going to be the same. A hailstorm is defined when a thunderstorm produces hail. Hail is actually a form of solid precipitation that is formed by a giant thunderhead or a thundercloud. This type of cloud is scientifically called the cumulonimbus cloud. We see hail from convection cells up-drafting in the clouds. For the non-scientists…it is basically raindrops that get tossed up into the cloud, freeze and eventually fall on your house. This is why you see balls or odd shaped pieces of ice or ice chunks. 

Roof Damage:

Your roof is the first line of defense for your home and in a hail storm, it will often take the brunt of the damage. The damage caused by hail can be the source of some serious issues for your home. Roof leaks, ceiling and drywall damage and even rotted framing can all be attributed to hail damage. Finding it on your roof can be tough to do, especially from the ground – which is why we will send out one of our roof specialists to inspect your roof after the storm…for free!

Skylight Damage:

If you have a skylight on your roof, it too is susceptible to issues after a hail storm. Often times people think, if the skylight doesn’t shatter then you’ve avoided damage… sorry, but this is not the case. Most of the damage that we find is not on the glass itself, but rather the metal casing and flashing. When these components are damaged, they are often a source for leaks.

Siding & Window Damage:

Sometimes people don’t always think about their siding when they think about hail damage. Very often, we find when a roof is damaged the siding is damaged as well. Cracks and holes in siding can cause leaks leading to rot to the materials behind the siding. Fascia, garage door trim and window trim can sustain damage that is hard to spot.

Window damage is one of the most overlooked items when it comes to storm damage. We often think that if our window glass doesn’t break, then we are free and clear. Unfortunately, the fail points on windows is rarely glass. There are a number of water-proofing elements on a window that can be damaged by hail, and our storm repair pros are trained to find them all.

Why You Need A Professional

Hail damage is one of the most destructive weather phenomenons we experience in the mid-west. Hail causes millions of dollars of damage every year, and often times home and business owners are unaware. If a hail storm hits in your area, it is always wise to contact a local professional to find out if you sustained damages. At SIMMCO, we never charge for an inspection so there is no risk to you. If damages go unnoticed, the issues can compound over time. We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated. We promise that we will never try to convince you of damage that you don’t have. When we inspect your home, we will always show you pictures of the damages we found and explain why it is important to address. That is why you can trust the pros at SIMMCO.