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Storm Damage in St. Louis

What Do We Mean When We Say “Storm Damage?”

Storms,  especially in St. Louis, can come in all shapes and sizes. We know that hail can cause damage to your home, but strong winds, flooding, and storm debris can produce major problems for your home as well. Our community is prone to strong winds, severe lightning, and tornados leaving behind storm damage that sometimes isn’t always obvious. Call SIMMCO for the fastest and most reliable storm damage repair.

Hail Damage In St. Louis

With summer storms, hail damage can be one of the most destructive forces to encounter. Hail damages not only your roof, but your siding, windows, and often your deck. Some of the storm damage caused by hail can be hard to spot but can cause costly issues to your home, if they aren’t immediately addressed. Just because your roof doesn’t leak or you can’t see hail damage on your roof, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Our team of former insurance adjusters are trained to find hail damage and to help you through the process of completing the repairs as quickly and cost effective as possible.

Wind Damage In St. Louis

Roofs, siding, and windows can all be significantly damaged by strong wind gusts, which St. Louis is prone to have. At high enough speeds, the wind can rip off siding, remove shingles, and send storm debris flying at your home’s exterior. When faced with the aftermath of storm damage caused by strong winds, make SIMMCO your first call. We can provide a thorough inspection of your damage, make interim repairs to keep your home safe and dry and provide you with quality long term repairs that will last.

Regardless of the damage your home or business has suffered, SIMMCO should be your first call to make sure you are built back better than you were before. When the storm rattles your roof, make sure you call the best in St. Louis!


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