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Winter Leak Prevention

Worried About Leaks This Winter?

The winter months seem like the absolute worst time of the year for a leaky roof. Not only do you have to deal with a pesky home repair, you have to do it in the cold. For some reason, winter leaks seem to be more of a hassle than any other time of the year. We’ve got a few leak prevention tips to help you avoid them all together.

Ice Dams

Ice…what?!? Ice dams is kind of an inside baseball roofing term, but it is something every home owner should be aware of in the winter months. Ice dams occur on your roof after snow falls. The snow at the peak of your roof begins to melt due to the warm air rising up in the attic which increases the temperature of your roof. As the snow melts and runs down your roof until it reaches the colder temperatures of the eaves (the edge of the roof which usually overhang the exterior wall) and refreezes. As this process continues, the ice and water backs up your roof and gets under your shingles causing all sorts of problems. The melted snow can cause damage to your ceilings and drywall, soak your insulation and rot the wood inside your attic.

Winter Leak Prevention

Ice Dam Leak Prevention

So…how do we fix this problem. The key to avoiding ice dams is all about air flow. Again, ice dams form because warm air is escaping your home into your attic and causing the temperature of your roof to rise. Not only does that escaped air wreak havoc on your roof, it is also costing you more in your energy bills. The best way to avoid this issue is to have the proper amount and type of attic insulation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes in our area should have an attic insulation value of R-38. Not sure if your attic insulation stacks up? The pros at SIMMCO can provide a free attic insulation inspection to make sure your not letting your heat go right through your roof.

Keep That Snow Off of Your Roof

After a snow storm, it is best to not let that heavy snow rest on your roof. All that weight can add unnecessary stress to your roof causing it to loose strength and efficiency over time. In addition, the thawing and refreezing can cause damage to your shingles making them brittle This can cause shingles to wear out much quicker than the normally would.

The best way to avoid these problems is to keep the heavy accumulation off of your roof. To avoid major repairs, keep a snow rake handy to remove heavy accumulation from your roof.

If your not sure where to start…trust SIMMCO with your roof!


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